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Farewell to the Euro 2012 or the Last Match in Donetsk

The last football match was held in my home city of Donetsk on June 27. Donetsk residents conducted this grand international football tournament with dignity. All mass media both ours and foreign noted the highest level of preparation and holding of Euro 2012 in Ukraine. In turn, we have gained an extensive experience in organization of international competitions, refreshed our English, French, Spanish, Italian languages, and realized, in practice, what it means to have such a large number of foreign tourists in the city. I think Euro 2012 didn’t leave anyone indifferent to this event in June. Someone was happy, someone complained, someone tried to get out of the city in order not to hear the noise and multilingual songs under the windows of residential neighborhoods at any time.

A semifinal Spain VS Portugal was the last match held in Donetsk, which I with my husband were kindly invited to attend by Carlos, one of the Portugal football fans whom I helped that day to find accommodation in Donetsk, and his friends. Thus, we were sitting in Donbass Arena Stadium in Portuguese fan sector surrounded by Portuguese’s emotions, feelings, and worries. It was unforgettable!

I made an interesting observation that there were very few Western Europeans, and many more fans from Poland, Russia, Armenia, and … Turkey. The presence of the latter is somewhat astounding. There were Irish, Croats, who still hoped to see their team in the semifinals, and fans from very exotic countries such as Mozambique and New Zealand. Everyone was a fan of a good football.

It is unlikely that Donetsk people will have something like Euro 2012 in the nearest future. Thus, the only thing left is the vivid memories. Football fans took pictures, talked, laughed, and disappeared in the atmosphere of the last match in Donetsk during Euro 2012. So, here they are …

Now all over, and it became a little empty and sad. No more of those colorful fans, no more courage and funny farce, no more mad adrenaline during a football match and competitors’ fraternization before the game.

Having seen all the guests of Euro 2012, Donetsk returned to its normal life. Nevertheless, it will remain as positive memories in the hearts of every fan, who was visiting here, along with the joy of victory or the agony of defeat. Donetsk residents hope that a lot of foreigners, who have opened a new location on their tourist map, will want to return here again.

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