Unbelievable Wedding of 26-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl

It is still hard to believe in that wedding, but it actually took place. 72-year old mogul Phil Ruffin, the owner of a Two Billion dollar fortune was exactly three times older, and exactly one thousand times richer than his bride, 26-year-old Ukrainian girl Aleksandra Nikolaenko, the former “Miss Ukraine 2001”, and now the president of “Miss Ukraine Universe”. These differences were leveled by the wedding held at the «Mar-a-Lago Club» in Palm Beach near Miami, Florida, U.S. in 2008. This club belongs to Ruffin’s friend, also a billionaire and the “owner” of the beauty contest “Miss Universe”, Donald Trump. Moreover, Trump was a witness at the Nikolaenko and Ruffin wedding.

The story of this beautiful woman is like a Cinderella fairy-tale. The ordinary girl from Odessa had never dreamed of a modeling career. By chance, she saw a television advertisement about the opening of the modeling agency and decided to try to go there. As a result, Aleksandra Nikolaenko is a holder of “Miss Odessa”, “Miss Ukraine South”, “Miss Ukraine”, “Miss Student”, “Miss Tourism-Europe”, “First vice-Miss Tourism-planet”, “Miss American dream”, and “Miss Tourism International” titles. Also, she participated in “Miss Universe”.  A crucial meeting between Alexandra and one of the world’s richest people, Donald Trump, was held at “Miss Universe”.  He subsequently introduced Nikolaenko to his friend Phil Ruffin.

…This wedding could not have gone unnoticed, so it provoked many rumors from both sides: well wishes and enviers. The whole internet is full of positive and negative comments. Many people don’t believe in the sincere feelings of this couple while others approve this unbelievable wedding. In spite of all the discussion, 28-year-old Aleksandra Nikolaenko gave a birth to a son, Richard William Ruffin, this year and 75-year old Phil Ruffin is feeling good about that. All together, Ruffin has 4 children. “He’s going to keep the family involved until the year 2100”, Ruffin said.

Well, today Aleksandra Nikolaenko, despite all the gossip and whispers behind her back feels great about her role as the wife of the hero of Forbes list. (Ruffin has been listed on the Forbes 400 list of the country’s richest people multiple times).

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Benjamin Gardner UNITED STATES July 4th, 2011 at 6:18 pm    

Wow, I am in love with a 26 year old Ukrainian lady who is just as gorgeous as
Aleksandra and pointed this marriage out to me stating that ‘dreams can come true’

I am so excited about the possibilities.
Love conquers everything………….

God Bless Love
I am 74

Natasha UNITED STATES May 19th, 2012 at 10:33 am    

Yeah, I’m sure she loves you not for your money of citizenship *head desk.

Are you THAT naive??

Nastia UNITED STATES November 7th, 2013 at 1:02 am    

I married an American guy my age who was so poor that I had to buy him a pair of nice pants, a shirt and a tie so we could get married ohh and I paid 90% for the restaurant. My girlfriend married a very rich guy who’s her dad’s age. We both love our husbands. You all know people have different definition of Love right?!

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